Wellesley Fudge Cake

It's been a while (days, weeks, months...) but that doesn't mean I've stopped baking entirely. 

There's always the need for some procrastination baking, some birthday baking, or just some baking to get into the October feel of things. 

It was birthday time for a friend who has an insatiable sweet tooth and this cake was perfect. And possibly the most chocolatey, rich, fudgy, cake I've ever made... 

Wellesley Fudge Cake?  Apparently about 100 years ago, fudge was actually contraband at Wellesley College... and then they made cake?

I may have missed something in the story -got too distracted by chocolate. We also added  peanut butter chips for decoration and some extra kick!

Recipe can be found here!

And some warty pumpkins for you.


  1. [1] Warty pumpkins looking gross. I'm sure the cold weather that's coming will freeze them off.
    [2] The mini peanut butter chips are adorable. I have recently become a fan of all things mini- mini chocolate chips, mini m&ms, and...iPad minis!
    [3] Hooray for baking!!


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