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The Ultimate Granola Bar

Recently, M and I went on the ultimate sister trip and ventured to Chilean Patagonia. It's always been a dream of ours, and the experience was nothing short of surreal. I remember the day we arrived, M took out and laughed at a perhaps grossly large bag of protein bars I had brought in my backpack. I thought it was a good way to prepare for the possible hangry hiking episodes that might occur.

And as we read the ingredients, we realized how many ingredients were in each and exactly how much sugar was in each as well. M had said she and her fiancé had made their own healthy bars in the past, and not wanting to miss out on the fun, I was determined to make my own bars once we came back home!

Enter the ultimate raw bar! I say ultimate, because its so surprisingly flavor-packed, packed with healthy fats, and easy to make with the few ingredients it calls for. Plus, no added sugars besides the natural sweetness from the dates. But fair warning-- a lot of the ingredients' amounts h…

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