Raspberry Orange Popsicles

Holy. Cow. 

It has been absolutely crazy hot outside. So hot that you could bake cookies in your car (very possible).

A wall of humidity and suffocating heat hits you the moment you crack the door open. 

But I really should not complain. 

Summer is Summer. And Summer is oh-so-glorious. 

Popsicles are oh-so-glorious. Especially when it's melt-your-face-off type of weather.

Whether they're rocket ships, original fruit flavored (choose grape, orange, or red -what flavor is that anyways), creamsicles, or push ups, popsicles are the quintessential summer food. 

One perk of summer -besides the obvious lack of school- is the abundance of fresh fruit! And in this crazy heat, a couple of friends and I went raspberry picking! 

Picking all sorts of things is definitely a perk of living in the middle of nowhere. 

Smelling manure while driving by a farm? Not so much

Back to the raspberry picking! I had never been raspberry picking before and was advised to pull gently on the berries and if they're ripe, they'll pretty much just pop off!

Besides making popsicles, I added the raspberries to my breakfast of yogurt and granola...

Em and I, not wanting to crank the oven on, decided to make some popsicles to cool off. We literally just mashed the raspberries, mixed it with orange juice concentrate and water, and filled the mold. A few hours later, a nice cold popsicle!

While the popsicles were a little tart and had seeds, they were a great way to stave off the heat in a rather healthy way.  Next time, we might try just plain orange popsicles or add a spoonful of sugar to increase the sweetness.  

1 cup raspberries
1/3 cup orange juice concentrate
1/4 cup water

Smush or place raspberries in blender.  Strain if you don't want any seeds.
Mix the raspberries, orange juice, and water together. 
Pour into molds.

On another note, Em and I recently made some green tea cupcakes to take to a family friend's house. We got a teeny bit fancy and decorated with flowers and with red beans to make them truly Asian!

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  1. scavengingtheinterwebJuly 25, 2011

    [1] HEATTT WAVEEEE. You know if you left one of those Pillsbury things in your car, they'd explode! But not dangerously so, only loudly so. 
    [2] I love the rocket ship popsicles. I also love the Root Beer ones.
    [3] Rasp-berries are very cute little things. 
    [4] I really like the way you guys decorated the cupcakes. Specifically the white flowery things. Gives me an idea for Christmas time... Red cupcake liners, green tea cupcakes, white snowflakes?! It'd be so festive! 
    [5] FIRST POST FIRST POST. This never gets old. Which shows you how old I must be.

  2. archanaaaaaaaaaJuly 25, 2011

    I love popsicles. brilliant idea.

    also I love the way you two decorate your baked goods :) so cute.


  3. archanaaaaaaaaaJuly 25, 2011

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! kimmy wins again.

  4. hahaha you and Archie are my biggest fans =)

  5. that popsicle would be so good for my sore throat right now!!

  6. scavengingtheinterwebJuly 26, 2011


  7. EllenzamesAugust 02, 2011

    raspberry and orange are a great combination

    I want to invite you to join in our blog hop.  This week's theme is Citrus and this would be a perfect recipe to link up.  Please stop by and feel free to link up as many citrus recipes as you would like - both sweet and savory.


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