Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Pesto

Remember way back in May, when Kay and I made these Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Well, they were pretty awesome cookies. 

While we didn't win the chance to go to a taping of ATK, they graciously invited participants to a tour of their office. Whaaaaaaaat?

Some tidbits?
They have 2 full time grocery shoppers. TWO. In one year, they spend about $500,000 on groceries alone. Half a million. 

ATK has a great collection of cookbooks, one of the biggest! Why so many? To test new recipes, test cooks must first do research and gather 5 different recipes and try each one. From there, they can make adjustments until they get it perfect.  

Currently, their top selling book is the Slow Cooker Revolution. Because the making of this book requires numerous slow cookers going on at once, ATK had to build a special wall with special electricity wiring (I really don't know what I'm talking about) in order to sustain all the slow cookers. So hardcore!

There are a jabillion cookbooks... puts my library to shame. I have... four?
(And that's three just from this summer...)

The kitchen! 

It was a great visit and a big thanks to Steph for taking the time to show me around!

After my exam was over, I was ready to get back into the kitchen.  Taking advantage of some fresh basil -a bit from my makeshift garden and mostly from the farmer's market- my roommate and I ventured out of our comfort zone to make some fresh pesto!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Homemade Granola

Exam time already? Didn't we just start school?

Yes. And Yes. 

I'm thinking in circles....

I'm talking in circles...  definitely need a break. 

Time for some homemade granola!

Over the summer, I got into a yogurt phase and decided that instead of buying granola at the store, I would make it! 

Homemade Super easy granola! (And it made the apartment smell nice and cinnamon-y!)

I'm not a fan of buying random ingredients and then only using them once, so I decided to gather what ingredients I had in the kitchen and make my version of granola! No nuts, no wheat germ, and no fancy things.  

It's simple, healthy, and a perfect snack or breakfast that will keep you full!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

My mind feels cluttered. 

So. Tired. And Feverish. 
Big Brother makes me smack my forehead.
Em has a big move coming up!
I'm already looking forward to the weekend... and it's only Monday.
When did school get so busy?
Why are there more creepy scary shows than nice happy ones?

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies!

These were my attempt at Wegmans' Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. I love their cookies so much that my family just sent me some! Along with a few other things -like curry cubes, nail polish, a loofa, and a kitchen knife... They totally think I'm a hobo. 

Back to these cookies though! 

I've been searching for a recipe for these cookies for ages, and finally came across one that looked super delicious! I've had past problems with oatmeal cookies, mainly ones that turn out looking like poo, so I was pretty anxious about how these would compare to my favorite cookies!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chocolate Raspberry Almond Bars

Is it really already the middle of August??

Time flies! M is back at school and I'll be off in a week as well...if only we could bake all summer and not have to deal with actual brain work!

It's actually kind of weird trying to pack up everything you have and moving hours away from home sweet home.

Since I won't have a kitchen or an oven this next year, I'll have to try my hand at some microwave-baking...interesting, right? I have my eye on some interesting recipes like granola, cookies, and even coffeecake in a mug! Never fear, recipes/success(fail) stories will ensue!

But enough of this nostalgic mood! Recently at a family and friends' barbecue, M and I made this yummy treat to end the night.

It's a mix of sweet and tart and yummy goodness. Interested? Read on!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lemon Bundt Cake

Summer vacaaaaaaation! 

This summer has been absolutely relaxing! Besides spending lots of time at home (in the farmlands of New York), we went on a family vacation. It might be one of the last family vacations we'll be able to take for a while, but it was well worth all the battle scars -bruises, mosquito bites, and  scrapes- that Em and I accumulated from the trip.  

It's the first real summer vacation either one of us have had in a long time.  Usually we're busy working or learning/studying or a combination of both. So what have we been doing instead? 

Absolutely nothing! It's rather liberating to just spend time with extended family and friends and realize the importance of "the small things". 

On an entirely different note...

Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon

In celebration of Kay's birthday some time ago, I made this Lemon Bundt Cake!

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