Friday, August 8, 2014

Em takes Spain...and a cooking class

So we'll admit it. We've been off the web for quite some time now...more than 8 months?! But much has happened since then. Between the two of us we've moved into two different apartments, moved to two new cities, had 2 graduations, and explored a good part of Europe!

Having been abroad for the first 5 months of this year, I felt it fitting to write a post about what I'd been up to. Being severely affected by the travel bug (not an actual disease, no worries, just a love for travel) I finally thought it was time to sit down and make an update. There's nothing like traveling to give you greater perspective. Spending the better part of these months in Sevilla, Spain and studying abroad, I was luckily able to take two cooking classes along with a flamenco and music history class.

But where does one even begin when living in the land of famed jamón, sinfully wonderful churros con chocolate, and ice cold tinto verano and sangria? I readily admit I'm no expert in Spanish cuisine, but I can't help but write down and try to share some of my favorite recipes I was lucky to have learned.

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